I've been battling some severe depression and even thoughts of suicide. A previous post and some replies helped me with some of it and sleep, but I cant shake the feeling. Does anyone else feel the same... If anyone would like I would gladly listen, I just long for some communication and friends outside of my current life..
Toxil Toxil
22-25, F
2 Responses Aug 21, 2014

Depressed for 7 years and on-going and no one understands me or knows how I feel.

I am willing to listen to you anytime and you can always talk to me about how you feel and want and I shall do my best to help you and keep you company till you get better. Just don't take the suicide route ever. I thought about it so many times but it is not worth it.

suicide is permanent decision that will truly erase you from anyone...

so please don't