well here goes....Let me start by saying I feel like a total loser for actually getting to point where Im posting here..but we all need an outlet I guess.  Im 36 yo, married with 2 kids. By this point in my life I thought I would have "it" together. I was very wrong. Im Married to a man who doesnt give me the time of day. he never talks to me, barely acknowledges my presence, and when he does, its usually to tell me somethings wrong with me..ie, Im not dressed the way he likes or the house isnt clean enough or he has things to do that dont include me. even when we do go out, he doesnt talk to me..there is always someone more interesting. Ive begged, pleaded done everything I could think of to get him to pay attention, even for just a bit. I dont know what Im doing wrong. Thanks for listening to me whine.


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Hello. I hope you are doing better. I think you should try to show him, heart on sleeve, how sad he is making you. Make him realize how he is hurting you, and make him remember how sweet, and loyal, and forgiving you are to him, even though he treats you this way. You are probably not doing anything wrong, it is he who has forgotten how lucky he is to have you. And there may be some things he's not telling you, maybe something he is ashamed of, so instead of telling you, he distances himself from you, and takes his frustrations out on you. I wish you all the best. God bless you.

I am here if you EVER need to talk. Please don't feel alone.