At night, I'm always miserable. All of my problems come back to me then for some reason. However, night is also the best time for me to think about things. That's why I stay up late and let myself be miserable. It benefits me in the end.
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Dear, God. I know. I just want to do so much and accomplish everything. I don't want to delay what I need to do. There is nothing worse than being delayed in what you want to accomplish.

i am the same why, i hate my mind. <br />
i dont even know how to explain how it works

I wish I could just turn my thinker off sometimes!!! It's so miserable to not be able to turn your mind off and just relax. Hope you can find something to keep you busy at night so you start to feel better :-)

Damn, it is exactly the same for me... I think so much that I sometimes cry myself to sleep...