About a year ago, I lost my dad. He died of Cancer & I saw him die. Now after such a loss, some people cry express themselves. I couldn't. Rather I did not get the time to cry. Since then, I have an emotional block. In an emotionally charged situation I tend to switch off and become impassive. For example, a girl proposed me 6 months later, I wanted to say yes, should have said yes but ended up hurting her by saying that I did not know what to feel. She left my place crying.  Another example, I caught my best friend lying to me. He expected me to be angry and made this known. I just couldn't vent my anger. 

This little problem of mine distances people away from me. I am probably at fault. But I just don't know how to tackle it

uglyoak uglyoak
18-21, M
Feb 13, 2009