Husbands Blame Leaves Hurt and Confusion

I have been married almost 8 years and have a six year old son I left my first husband of 17 years for my current husband.I loved him from day one.His disabled mother lived with us and did not want us to get married she did every hateful thing she could think of to break us up.called me names spred untrue gossip well I helped him take care of her until 2 months ago when the dr put her in a nursing home I felt like we were free .she was always in our buisiness and our conversations I thought I finally had my husband to myself.well  we got into an argument because he wanted to bring her out for the weekend.I was against it it ended badly and she passed out and we had to call an ambulance.He has told me twice if I were a good wife I would have helped him so she would not be in a nursing home.he has apologized but i feel like he was only with me so i would take care of her now when he tells me he loves me I wonder if he means it or if he is just trying to make up for his slip by the way the dr said she needs 24 hour care that can't be done at home now i sit at home and wonder how to fix this and advice would help
yankeegirl yankeegirl
36-40, F
Aug 15, 2007