It Was Ruk

I had a big fat grey and white tabby I rescued from a horder 3 years ago. I named him Miruco but called him Ruk for short. He was such a smart and sweet kitty. Ruk could meow but he had his own way of showing you love. He had these big giant yellow eyes that always told you what he was thinking and he would lay on his back on cross his front paws as of he saying I love you. Anyone that met Ruk always ended up falling in love with him. I noticed my baby was getting sick especially since he stopped using his liter box. I made an appointment with a vet that that some of the best reviews. The vet that saw him seemed really angry when he jumped in the sink, stared her down and difiantly peed. I thought it was the funniest thing I had ever seen him do. Needless to say they gave him some fluids and suggested that he might have urinary tract disease. I was sent home with kitty, some antibotics and special food. He seemed back to his old self for a week then seemed worse than before I took him in. I decided that he might be best to take him to a different vet for a 2nd opinion which was scheduled for the next day. That night when I came home he was making a gurgling noise and died in the car as we rushed him to the er. I miss him so much and I feel so bad about everything. I don't know if it would of changed anything but I wish I had taken him to another vet. They were not through when looking at him and I will never know if that would of made all the difference. I feel so guilty. He was my baby and he was only 3 years old!
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Thank you for your story. You did everything in divine timing and Ruk did too. Try to drop your regrets gently and replace them with the memories of love and laughing and happiness that you two shared. You gave so much to him and he loved every minute of his life with you.