Where There Were 3, Now....

One just died, a stalwart gentleman of 16 of our years.  Dignified and loving until the end, he would sit at the water bowl or in front of his food bowl, showing that he wanted to eat regardless of the cancer obstructing his throat.  He still used the litterbox and never once lost control of his bladder due to physical incontinence or disregard for his surroundings.  An indoor cat for all his life, he discovered a love for the backyard in his last days, and I hope that whatever survives of his essence is frolicking in the wild.


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He knows that you saw his true self, and loved him as a special individual - and that was what made his life brim over with quiet joy. He will always be connected to you in love.

I'm sorry for the loss of your friend. Perhaps you may find some comfort here (go to the group memorial chapel for more kind words, or the memorial garden to leave a memorial):

I'm sorry it's mostly for dogs but the words can apply to all beloved pets. If you need grief counseling, please don't hesitate. I am a member of the Pet Chapel and can either help you myself, or refer you to other more skilled ministers.


A Pets Prayer To St. Peter

I have traveled far to reach this Pearly Gate

But I do not want to wander beyond this place.

I just need to rest awhile for my friend I wait.

Please let them know I love them still.

Let them know that I understand

What they did, they did with love.

With my body gone, my spirit flew

On the wings of a dove

To my Creator's Heaven above.

Now I ask that I may wait.

I will lay quietly here by the gate.

For if I entered now without my friend,

It wouldn't be Heaven at all.