Does Love Fade, I Have Become My Husbands Mother!!1.

 Married,bored and restless. I have become the mother my husband wanted. My fault I do far too much for him, he works hard but has forgotten how to be affectionate. Dream of having a lover, sex with a woman is in my mind !!!

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12 Responses Feb 9, 2009

That is not a life. Please do something about it.

my hubby calls me 'mum' from time to time and I ******* hate it and let him know

well this will happen ,,, given the issues we have to deal with in our lives ,,,,, i think our parents had ,day to day life a lot better ...?

I understand. My husband doesn't know how to be affection anymore either. I definely feel like he takes me for granted. I would just love to get a little attention from him.

Too easy to stereotype..... Some men are more sensual than women lol but if parts have bored you then the change might work but if its not the parts.....there are others ponds of men to fish in lol. Best wishes

I'm sorry to hear that. As a man I too sometimes forget to do the little things that keep the spark alive, but life is a work in process and through communication with my fiance I've corrected some bad habits as well.

Well, kick him in the ***! Tell him what's going on! I would if I were you!

I feel like I am living with a room mate NOT a wife. A room mate that is definitely not a FWB type. Also,a hard working person but affection was something lost long ago. I wish I had all the sex counseling session time back. That didn't work plus I would get back about 5 years of my life. All sounded good while we were there but as soon as we got home and tried a few of their "suggestions" we were right back to being room mates not husband/wife.

Wanna Skype with a guy for a bit of fun?

sounds like a looser your hub to me I would treat you well and give you what you need a man who cares!!

I don't know what to say, it's so sad to see someone spending their days with someone and not feeling appreciated. Sounds like you and your fella need to spend a romantic weekend away together.

really? im with a man but i too sometimes want to be with a woman. when i was 18 i dated a girl for 3 months. she was amazing. women are very fun to be with. very tender.