I'm feeling sad, guilty, lonely, bored, alone, don't know what to do with myself. About a month ago, my now ex boyfriend choked me. He choked me to the point where I couldn't breath. I couldn't do anything to him to get him to stop as he has about 160lbs on me and is a whole foot taller than me (longgg arm span). Since then I've been really afraid of him. I feel as tho I have to walk on egg shells around him.
To make a long story kind of short, I told him saturday night that he needed to leave. I was afraid so I called my dad over while my ex packed his things. I feel really sad that I told him to leave for no reason, really. I feel sad that he's gone but in a way relieved. I feel free- in a way. Like I finally have my home back. I can do whatever I want and not worry about repercussions from him.
I know I don't need anyone. I've bought my own house, I own my car, I go to school&work, take care of my son & I. My ex- is so controlling with somethings. Telling me how to raise my son. Which I don't agree with. I feel sad cause he has been in our lives for over a year. I just don't know what to do with myself!
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You did the right thing and that was definitely not over nothing. He deserved it and honestly if anyone did that to someone I cared for they would be in central booking looking at assault charges. Consider yourself lucky he is gone and think of your son. Do you really want him to have someone like that as an example? Kids mimic what they see. You are both better off.

hey just love yourself take it easy on yourself just relax and live your life someone good will come into your life