I still get sad a lot and I have been this way since I was around 12 years of age. I talk to my friends it helps sometimes, but most of the time I don't feel like talking to anyone not even from my favorite people and I lose interest in things I used to love doing.

I'm so mortified. I'm 21 years old I thought I would stop the random crying, the thoughts about me not being upon this earth any more, and this empty dark sadness. I just want it to stop. It seems like nothing works anymore. I try to distract myself sometimes, cleaning, exercising, and music.
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*Hugs* I recommend praying, it may not seem like much at first but it will pay off eventually

Sorry to hear that, dude. You just gotta keep living and keep a positive mind. Ignore all those negative thoughts.

Lol, I'm a girl

lol my bad. I tend to say "dude" a lot even when talking to a girl

Oh, okay. It's find Lol I made my gender anonymous to stop getting people I don't want to talk too.