Sad, Confuse, Dont Know What To Do

My marriage is falling apart. I been with my husband for almost 5years but only married for bout 8months & we have a 3years old daughter togerther. Since we married of december of last year we been argue almost every day. we stay @ my parents house till we get back up on our feet. Bout a month ago he got into an argue with my sister then my mom kick him out i end up went with him then came back to my parents house bout 2weeks after for my daughter cuz they wont let us take our daughter even through legally im the only one whose a legally guardian to our daughter nways ... my husband moved 2 hes mom & im @ my parents house with our daughter then last wk he wuz in town so he stay at a hotel for couple days & i been go & see him then last week my parents moved to a new house then the next day my parents & i went back to their old place to return the key i saw him climb out the window with another woman he told me nothing happen they were just there to smoke & drink & nothing happen & thats one of hes friend girlfrield that he dont even know her name but hes friend climb out first & he said he know it didnt look right but he never cheat on me he even said that sometimes he smoke with other females & thats it. Cuz me, i dont drink or smoke. Now my entire families want me 2 geta divorce i was think of that that day but now im confuse i still luvs him so much that i dont kbow what 2 do. Part of me want to be over & other part of me want to works things out with him. anyone have any advice or anyone kinda go through or been there. Please i dont know what to do.
anelatai anelatai
22-25, F
Sep 11, 2012