My Military Husband Is Addicted To "spice"

My husband and I have been married for almost a year now. We are expecting a baby girl in March and me being pregnant i cant stand to look at him, it kills me inside because he cant even look at me in the eye and be serious. He spends more time getting "high" then being with me and experiencing the pregnancy with me. Ive told him that my daughter is not going to be around this when she is born, he said " okay baby ill quit for the sake of our daughter". We all know that didnt last too long. So I wrote him a letter telling him that if i dont see an effort of him slowing it down with the spice that I would have no other choice but to take my daughter elsewhere to a better and healthier enviornment and wouldnt come back till he got the help he really needs! you would think that would trigger him to stop and say Okay i gotta slow it down and quit before Kayden is born, since i wrote that letter the smoking has INCREASED instead of decreasing. I tell him time and time again he is breaking my heart and he sees me crying but he just thinks its my hormones. Its not! Im loosing my husband and I dont know what else to do. Hes acting a fool 24/7 and isnt being the spontanious man i met. Our marriage is so great but this is the breaking point for me. I feel like this is destroying our marriage and he can care less. I cant keep waking up in the middle of the night hearing him in the restroom puking his brains out. He doesnt get that its hurting me and hurting Kayden as well. I need help. He cant go to counciling because of the military and he will definitley get in trouble so Im trying this on my own ... I cant have nor watch the man I love fall into his fathers footsteps, overdosing and passing on. I just cant and having a father who was addicted to drugs for several years is making this even harder on me because i have seen my dad at his lowest end of his life. It wasnt until 4 years ago he got sober because once he saw my little sister born thats when it all changed. Im hoping for the best that thats what will happen with my husband but we cannot be to sure that the life of his daughter can change his life.
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I will date myself a little and say I don't have a clue what spice is or does to/for you but, if he is I'm the military there are certainly ways to attain help. Talk to his platoon Sgt, Plt. Leader, 1Sgt or commander. They can see that he gets the needed help. If you don't feel the will help or will cause him problems you can talk to a chaplain. You don't want your daughter around that stuff for sure. You must also remember that ultimates most likely won't work. If you use them you have to put teeth to them mean it and stick with it. If he wants to he will quit but only then. Also know that it can backfire on you and him resent you for being a "*****" and "forcing" him to do what you want. But first and foremost you need to keep you bsafe and secure