Good Marriage, No Romance

i've been married for 4 yrs now. to a very good guy, he is a good provider to our only daughter. he also let me go to school and support all my financial needs. hes 8 yrs older than me. and thats one thing i like about him. matured enaugh to handle a relationships. i just dont know what happends to us. for him, everything is okey... but i knew there is something wrong about our relationship. it goes to being romantic to being cold. he go to work at 7am in the morning and his early depature from work is 9pm,. we havent talk about our day,. for he was tired and just wanted to rest and watched television after dinner. i always start to have a conversation with him but he always ignores me. as a wife i do my best to take care of him and our baby but aLL i want is someone top talked to when specially with him. in sh0rt, we dont have a good communication. sometimes when we argued i called huim attorney,. for nobody wins after him. and the major part of my problem is we dont have sex for 7 months then when we have sex it will count again for months to haver another and. its very saddening to feel that i dont feel his love anymore. i dont know what happens he said that hes just tired. i tried to understnd him but i also have needs. im in self pitty, im not ugly ... in fact, i waS A former model in our town, i also took care of my looks even thouhg we have a baby,. what will i do? i tell him everything buit he still ignores me. but i love him so much.

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Wow, I feel sorry for you.All any of us can do is try encouraging you to try things, but it's really your life and you must know what is driving him to work so much.I too was married to a Philippino for 14 yrs and the last 7 or8 yrs was hell. She didn't have a single thing in common with me only her own friends. Sex was non existant because i wasn't at all attracted to her anymore. We could never talk and she was so controlling i couldn't stand it any more. Finnaly i met athe most wonderful woman on earth, yes another Philippino, and am divorced from the other. This time we have most everything in common and we can talk about anything there is. She tends to like being submissive but very open minded and family oriented, also she loves sex as much as i do!!!<br />
I don't have any answer's for you but to me it sounds like he is neglecting his duties as a husband in a big way. There may be other things bothering him under the surface too. Why does a job take that much time out of each day? I'd say for the sake of his family that he should quit his job and look elsewhere for one that lets him have quality time with his family.<br />
I wish you the very best of luck cryajane

very true... thnx so much fot he comment. we tried to have a counseling. but eventually, he reurns o be sweet then after few weeks return to being stubburn. i dont know wht to do anymre. i ate my pride... huhu

Maybe counseling? Its so hard when You don't feel the love from the one person who is supposed to Love you more than anything.