Alcohol And Mental Health

Im 20 years old and have a drinking problem, I'm ashamed of what it does to me but I keep on drinking.
I'v just moved to university away from my mother and friends and I feel like I'm disgracing them, I suffer with depression and its the hardest thing to be away from the people who will hold me and tell me every things going to be ok.

I hate myself for the stupid things I do when I'm drunk so I continue to drink through out the night and day to avoid the reality of what I'v done and the person I am.
I'v let my depression and drinking get in the way of my education and relationships.
My Father is an alcoholic but he has never been around so I look for some sort of validation or approval from men, but all I want is for someone to love me and tell me I'm not a bad person...
celineybubbles celineybubbles
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1 Response Sep 25, 2012

u r not a bad person. nobody is a bad person it's just the situations and the stuff that we've been through make us who we r today . and all this can be changed . we can change it . U can change it and for better :)
but u need to decide what u wanna do deep down in ur heart . because once u know what u wanna do in ur life noone will be able to make u stop and u will find alot off people to support u .

i want u to think about that all the time :)