Wrong Place, Wrong Time

Ever had a person tell you wrong place wrong time... well this happened to me recently thought i would share it with you.  My late husband and i were eating  with our daughter who was almost two yrs old, at a fast food chain in visalia caIt was the busy lunch hour where you could barley hear yourself think.  We had plans to feed the ducks at the park after lunch when i got up to get a refill to take with us, i looked over at my husband who was looking at me listening to our daughter tell him she didn't need any help getting down out of the booster seat.  "I am  a big girl now,daddy."  My heart still meltsat the thought of consentration on her face and confidence in her voice.  I  am walking back to the table to offer my assistance i hear a pop and whiz.  I look around the restrauant to find people diving under tables and screaming begins.  looking back now i guess it was my own voice that filled my ears.  I look to see my daughter slide underneath the booth, my husband mouth slackened, head thrown back, blood running down his face.  My training as a cna kicks in and i remember getting behind him  taking wads of napkins off the table and appling preasure to the wounds.  The bullet marking enter  above the temple and had exited above his eye. Sadly i lost the man i had love.  We had become a statistic in our town.  Aa happy family having lunch.  His auptopys report describes the wound as innocent bystander shot through the head by a stray bullet durning robbery attempt. I have told my story many a times next year will be the 10 anniversary.  My daughter came home from shcool  to tell me about what another parents comment was after hearing her report, "talk about the wrong place, the wrong time."  Life can be sad and painful but our memories are what we carry our message .  Becareful with words  they tend to hurt without meaning too. 
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You are such a strong woman...i love u sis!