I See It More Than I Should

I have a friend online who lives in Japan. I have talked with him for months and tried to help him with some bullying issues he faced here on EP once that eventually forced him to leave.

Friends...I can't to this day, understand why things that happen to him happen.

This guy thinks of me and looks up to me like a big brother and now he is in a shelter somewhere across the world in the midst of one of the worlds worst disasters and I am helpless to do anything but send him all my love and energy!

He has no more connection to me and I sit here drinking effing coffee laughing and having a great old time while he is hoping to get enough nourishment for him and his Mama to survive.

I don't understand and I know I am not supposed to.

I cannot reveal anything about him or I would give you his name, but due to circumstances I have been asked not to. You can wish or pray for him and the thousands and thousands of other souls.

*Moment of silence*
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Mar 13, 2011