A Mothers Worst Fear Xx

Today we lay a child down to rest, a baby boy at the age of three, how could this be. I know everything happens for a reason but what is the reason of this? growing up in life we learn to except the fact that you will one day have to lay your mother and/or father down to rest, we have an understanding that they will one day die before us, but not one moment in life do we think we will out live our own child, not one moment do we think we will have to bury a child who has only lived for three years, how are you meant to be prepared for that your not are you.. we dont have to think about it because it shouldn't be. What is life when you dont live to see and experience all that it can be?
I am saddened that a mother has just laid her baby boy down to be with god and that she will never get the chance to see him grow, that she will never get the chance to take him to school, or tell him off for silly childish mistakes or that she will never see him get married, or that she will never see him graduate. I am saddened that a little boy will never see his mother grow old, that he will never have be a uncle and hold his nephews and nieces, i am saddened that he will never have a pet to hold, or that he will never make it to primary. But i am soo thankful that he lived long enough to imprint on soo many hearts, that he lived long enough to make a mother glow with pride every time she looked into his eyes and that he brought joy to the world for all that knew him. Today we say goodbye to a beautiful little boy who had three short years in this world it was not long but he made everyone strong. He has touched so many hearts as we all found out he had passed, at the age of three this has effected nearly everybody including me, we cry because its not right, we cry because to imagine him as our own is just unbearable to believe. R.I.P Baby boy your heart lives within everyone who loved and cared for you and in everyone who hearts feel for you, your mother, father, nana,pop, aunties and uncles... all those who had the privilege to meet you we are all here for you. you may have lived for not very long but your memory will always live on in our hearts you reamain Xx

This is not for me but from the hearts of every body who cares XX
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to write a post to say that I am sorry and send condolences your way will not ease the pain. I only hope that is will get a little easier day by day. To lose a loved one is hard enough but to write about your feelings is courageous. Bless you for sharing your feelings at such an inopportune time

So very sad......when I hear things like this ...I hold my grandchild even closer to me.......she's 3 years old and she is my first grandchild.<br />
<br />
If something like this ever happens to her...just bury me with her. I could'nt take the pain and the thought that she will be by herself.....just put down with her.