I can't tell you, how many ways that I've sat
and viewed my life today, but I can tell you
I don't think that I can find an easier way
So if I see you walking hand in hand in hand
with a three armed man, you know I'll understand

But you should have been in my shoes yesterday...
beegirl92 beegirl92
4 Responses Sep 6, 2011

I feel for you. Something is making you incredibly sad. What is it? you don't say. Life can be incredidibly cruel and devastating. But at the same time, life is full of miracles. We should never lose our faith. No matter how bad life can seem, if you have a little faith, somehow the universe answers. Feel loved. Live in the now. There is no other way. Believe in miracles. Believe you deserve it x

You know a three armed man?What is that like for him?Does he have use of that extra arm and wouldn.t that be a benefit?Was he at Chernoble or some other chemical spill?Do you have three arms?How did it happen?Enquiring minds want to know!!!YOU RULE...LATER!

wow very nice ! thanks for posting !

You seem like a nice girl. Good luck with that...