Sad + Me

Every time if I stay at home alone for too long, my mood tends to be a little down. I like busy lifestyle though I complain, because I'd have no time to think about all the nonsense. All the ugly thoughts like to run wild in my mind when I have too much free time.
I looked at the date today. And my heart ached a little. Things were so different back then. I want to go back so much.
I started to think about the past, miss the past, realize how much things have changed, realize I can't have things that aren't mine, accept the fact that they are all past tense now. Some times I feel perfectly fine, I say I'm happy and I honestly mean it, but some times I'd start thinking about something I don't have and can't have. Humans always want something they can't have, yay? :(

Don't start asking me not to be sad, because it is okay to be sad once in a while. I'm a human. I have emotions. And this is the beautiful thing being a human. We have emotions. I give myself a smile. I do not regret. Never. Memories are beautiful and always more beautiful than reality.
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Nov 4, 2011