I Know...

that so many people are sad, no money, no health, no compassion, no love, no hope, no food..each person has a reason. If I compare my life with others I have no reason to complaim, I am still thankful for what I have...but I am sad.

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14 Responses Apr 10, 2008

I understand what you're saying so much. I wish I didn't feel this way. I feel so guilty for feeling like this.

No one needs some overly dramatic reason to be sad. It happens to everyone

I know all of the reasons I should reconsider when I feel like this, but about the time that I am ready to try and pick myself up the physical exhaustion kicks in and I just want to sleep.

Not anymore!toooo many tickles ...xo

Yes TendereyesPrincess, you certainly deserve to be happy as you help many people. I do know what you mean about how all the poor, and suffering can be overwhelming ... a sad feeling ... and yes we are thankful for what we have ... it is just a feeling ... not a depression.<br />
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I won't be hapy with a lot of people around me it's not ... Maybe is your problem too ...

There are many worse off...in my little way I try to do something better...


Its exactly when we feel we are blessed that we should dig deep and give more ... Mother Teresa said .. " you give but have you given until it hurts ... how much do we including the affuent really need and how much more we could share and then there wouldn't be so much poverty. ... : Charlie : ...

morning, blue, bass, cjewels..nice seeing you all... <br />
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princess: <br />
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also, free cuddling from panda bears helps...;)<br />
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...you might want to see Mello about that.. :)

lol, Morning Basspayer Pal.

That much is true.

I'm a very interesting guy. : )

When I get down I always look at these facts, then I feel bad for feeling down in the first place. Make sense?<br />
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I try to point this out to people who are stuck in a depression sometimes but have little positiveness from pointing this out.<br />
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But for me it is enough just to know that there are far worse off people in the world than I. I consider myself very blessed even when I feel my life is at it's worst. I know I am blessed.