I Am Very Sad

I am crying as I type this so forgive me if there is a typo or two in here I am sad over the fact that I am now the loneliest man on earth this Christmas as noone will grace my door ,noone will call me on that day,noone will be here with me and where I am noone cares if I am happy sad or dead and I have noone to hold now that the one that was abusing me is in the prison for it and my daughter is in a education center away from me and can't come home this year,I just long for someone to hold other than my daughters stuffed bear this Christmas I have no family as I was adopted and the adopted family has told me never contact them again now that my adopted mom and dad are dead my friend that will talk to me told me stay away cause I am incontinent and he don't want his son to catch it by me being there over a few min,so here I sit alone and lonely and crying and wanting a hug from a real person but none to be found that will here where I am .I love my EP friends so I guess I will be here on EP on Christmas looking to talk to someone if there is someone on here on Christmas to talk to .I will have a dinner and watch a movie and sit her watching for someone to talk to and wish Merry Christmas even though mine is not going to be that merry and it don't seem like Christmas.Then I might try to find a way to help someone that has less than me by giving them a Christmas dinner annonimously and have it delivered to them . that will be my Christmas and is my life for the moment so that is why I am sad. God bless you for reading this and hope you have A Merry Christmas and please say a prayer for me please.
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you're incontinent? You do understand what that means? Incontinence is not something you can catch. It;s no like a cold or flu. If you really **** and **** yourself without regard to time or place I wouldn't want you around either. I think I can speak for the rest of the entire population of the world who wouldn't want you around either. <br />
<br />
So, are you still incontinent?

I know what it means and I have explained it to my friend that it is nothing you can catch and I am only incontnent in wetting area the other works fine . I have al the underwear and over flow furniture pads and stuff to take care of myself but they think of it like something that is deadly and it is not.