We just finished the mid-terms few weeks ago. So now is the time that the report card will mailed home for our parents. Where is the point? I got FIVE D during the beginning of the semester to the midterm. D is meaning that the grade is under 60. The subjects that I got bad grade are, Logic Design, Computer Science, Physics, Calculus, and the most inconceivable one, ENGLISH.

But I am a freshman, so I don't think this is very important. All I could do, study hard. Electrical Engineering is not easy to hand out.

I can do it well :)
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2 Responses Dec 4, 2006

I congradulate you! it was a difficult course, have you ever thought of taking a tape recorder to class? I heard that this helps. maybe you could also take a class in shorthand, a lost art, but it will help you to take notes faster, I took shorthand when i was in college, and I did dictation at 120 wpm. Good luck.

Freshman year is hardest. Statistically, if you were an A/B student in high school, expect to only be average in advanced schooling. Ok, so you made below that. Now you know more of what to expect from classes. You can make it! Plus give yourself some credit! You took some HARD coarses!!