Chronic Pain Gets Me and My Mom Down

My mom and I have chronic pain - it gets us down because we can't do the things we want to do... she is in worse condition than I but she is 30 years older than me.

I feel bad for her, and wish I could make her life better... she says I do that just by being their for her... but it doesn't seem like enough.

Her inability to move around saddens me... I would rather be confined to a bed 24/7 than have my mom go through one hour of pain... but unfortunately I have no way to take away her pain.
41-45, F
3 Responses May 3, 2007

I do not know if this will reasonate with you but I will throw it out there. I spent many years saddled with back pain. It washed over me like waves and sometimes it made me doubt there was any reason to continue. Pain like that can steal your soul but then one day I was introduced to great minds like Eckert Tolle and Bryon Katie and I was taught that pain is a symptom of our "dis-ease" with ourselves. Once these great teachers woke me up to the fact that my pain was caused by something much more profound than a bad back, I began to improve and now my back pain is pretty much gone. Give it a shot, There are free videos on the by Bryon Katie. A Course in Miracles changed my life and I hope it may help help you as well.

My mom is battling her back and waist pain for a decade. She is fine for a month and next month she occupies bed. I feel so bad unable to do nything about it. :(

If chronic pain is getting you and your mom I highly recommend you try these sites the web address is they have wellness programs from chronic pain to vitamins to help you get healthly again I promise this is a start to whole new you. The worst it can do is fail which these products dont and they have money back guarntee if your not happy for any reason at reasonable cost. Good luck to you my prayers our with you and your mom. I hope you feel better soon.