Why I've Come Here, I Don't Know...answers? Thoughts?

i came across this site...in search of a public anonymous blog...hoping to find some answers or feedback because i dont really know what more to do anymore....

i'm not happy with my life, many people may think i have a great life, but those who know me...know how much im suffering and for some reason, i can't control my emotions today...

i am 21 years old and i feel like my childhood was taken away from me and that i've missed out on a lot, i never got to go to prom, sleep over at peoples houses, and just do normal things, instead we were more provided with materialistic things, but i would trade that anytime any day for some freedom. When i look back and try to think of memories or stories to talk about and positive things, i can't think of that many and it makes it difficult for me during my present day when meeting new people and making new friends and conversating .... dont get me wrong, i love talking and having fun, but only you know in your mind whats going on when you see everyone else....

i dont consider myself a happy person and its eating away at me now.... theres a lot more, so i guess each blog will reveal itself....

-- determined but damaged --
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1 Response Sep 4, 2012

Not to poke fun at you but at least you have memories of your childhood. I have fragments and bits/peaces of memories from the past. Most of my childhood is gone with most of my memories of even high school. If it makes you feel better I never did any of those things and never had anyone to encourage me to go on. Here is a phase I remember but don't know who said it.<br />
<br />
Remember the past<br />
Live for the moment<br />
Plan for the future<br />
<br />
Also try and remember to life as it comes, keep a smile on your face, and look for a way to brighten someones day even if your day has been crummy. :)

i wish i only had fragments because it definitely isn't a great childhood ...what happened with you if you dont mind me asking? thanks for the advice, ill try... i wish it was as easy as said, lol

I have never had a good memory; so I struggle in school and even now in struggle at work. But I still try and do my best. Life is hard for me too but somehow I manage to get by.
Even if I feel down, I try and make everyone around me smile and I hope you smile. :)