My Sister's Way Of Breaking Bad News

so i am on my way home from bible study, i decided to read my emails an notice one from my half sister. i opened it and it says

"just to let you know your father is dying"
is that anyway to let someone know news such as that.
who the hell does she think she is. no regards to me or the situation. not to mention. as soon as i read it i felt an outbreak coming. no matter what i do to try and relieve stress it follows me. this is the 6th outbreak in 2 months. i feel so overwhelming sad and depressed. i really cant put it into words. i am breaking down in tears as i type this.

when is all the madness going to stop. can i get a break just for a couple of days. they say when one thing happens its like an opening for a cascade of things to happen. in my case this cascade seems to be nothing but negativity.

i feel to run in the streets screaming, then drop to me knees crying, cause i really cant take anymore.

vincetna vincetna
1 Response Sep 12, 2012

Im sorry about your father. If your half sister is anything like my half brother than I'm sure you're going through complete hell.