So Confused

2 and a half years i gave him all of me every part i possibly had cause he was my everything & he meant everything to me and still do till that night came and he left me and showed he really didnt care about me leaving in the dark alone crying for a week straight cause i wanna hate you with all my might but i love you with all my heart im so confused i dont know what to do i want him back but i dont want him back i want him to change his ways and show me he really do care and love me as much as i care and love him but i dont think it will ever happen..... I always seem to pick the wrong one for me and i always get to this point right where im at right now and dont know how to handle it, I just pray God see me threw this the best way he can show me.
xLaNice xLaNice
18-21, F
Sep 25, 2012