To a Loved One....

My friend died in a car wreck just 2 days's been extremely rough on my and all her friends and happened sooo unexpectedly...and I just wanted to tell her this!:


Whitney, I love you so much....and miss you lots.....It's been rough without you....all I can think about is you smile...I hear that laugh when I close my eyes!....God knows how I miss you buddy!.....It's not fair you had to die sooo young....but your in a better place...and we will all see you soon...but not soon enough....even though your will NEVER be forgotten!!  I LOVE YOU WHITNEY!!!!!   I CRY FOR YOU EVERYDAY.....SEE YOU IN HEAVEN!.....Your friend Jacob!

jakey jakey
18-21, M
1 Response May 8, 2007

There is no easy way to grieve. I feel for you, and know your pain intimately. You can only experience the grief, and rejoice the happy memories. In time the pain fades and good memories dominate.