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3 Responses May 13, 2007

I am ashamed too. I did things that made me fall in my own eyes. :(

Interesting... 441 views, on something that didn't have content but just a caption that represents how we feel. I'm so ashamed. I didn't do anything to be ashamed of, it's because I've done a whole lot of nothing that makes me sad.

Your reluctance to share more is noted, and respected. <br />
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With that said, you might consider that this is a site (as I understand it) where folks help other folks, as best they can. You also might consider this potentially comforting thought: "I completely control what I divulge here." <br />
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And you also might consider that with no more info than you've "invested" so far, the reality is that you're unlikely to get many helpful and supportive responses and that such a lack of response is certainly NOT a commentary on you or your worth. Got it? :)<br />
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