My Life Became Tastless

once we were rich , we had a decent life that anyone wished to have but too bad nothing lasts forever . my father decided to quit his job and threw all the responsability at mom . Although she is a teacher she couldn't manage to afford everything , she tried her best , she even started to borrow money from friends just to give us the life we want .
you may wonder what's the problem in this but let me tell you : i became depressed i just can't handle seeing mom stressed and crying because of material things , i can't ! damn i am not heartless :'(
i just love her and want to do anything to wipe her tears but i didn't find a way but to finish my studies and achieve my dream. i wish this nightmare will end soo soon . believe me i don't need money or anything i just want to see mom smiling again . i am so sad and my life became tastless !
Amenita666 Amenita666
18-21, F
Nov 11, 2012