I Have No Motivation To Do Anything Anymore

So, I am... sad. Is sad the actually word? Maybe not. It's more like... I don't want to try anymore. Like I've had enough and I just want to find inspiration somewhere again? I feel like I am stuck somewhere between what my life was, who people think I am, how they expect me to act, and where I want to stand. I'm in this grey place where I can't bloom. And I guess lots of people have been in this case. So if you guys have any advice, I'm all ears.
Because I am tired of being "nothing".
I used to draw, paint, write, read, create stuff, all the time. I used to be productive, to find inspiration in people. But now the people aren't the same, and I'm not inspired. I have no willpower anymore.
I feel like I'm wasting my life when so many things awaits me.
That makes me sad.
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2 Responses Dec 10, 2012

It sounds to me like you may be depressed but instead of trying to create something beautiful why not write or draw how you're feeling it might be just what you need. I can't be more specific because although I am a creative person writing and drawing aren't my areas of creativity :)...good luck!

When I'm stuck feeling unmotivated and sad, I look through previous artworks I've finished or reflect on accomplishments I've achieved. When looking for inspiration I have a box full of things that inspire me. I have pictures of locations I find beautiful, objects that are significant to me. Having a small collection like this I've found is artistically inspiring and therapeutic to have. You could try thinking about what people in your life, or events or places or dreams motivate you? Then have some objects that reflect this, and keep them around to remind you of what of love.

I hope this helps in some way. :)
While feeling sad I've found the best way to overcome it is to just throw myself into drawing, because, after all moods pass, and forcing myself into action helps me remember that I can overcome emotions. You also get something pretty to look at by the end of it, reflecting your mental state, which is pretty neat!

I've rambled a bit, sorry. ><''