Why I Feel Like Nothing And I Really Do Not Care About This Life Anymore

it always gives other people the reason to live a great happy life as many others do they get the chance to live a full life but I wont live a full life.

a man or woman who is born into the world is meant to be with a certain person to have kids and live a great life with that person and he is meant and deserves that entirely.

I have seen young men who just are ignorant and do not want to talk to me at all I see alot of people I just dont talk to at all who have better lives then me.

this one guy said your never gonna get a girlfreind ever and you dont have any much freinds in which I really really dont have hardly at all.

and that just makes my heart fall down in shatters of glass my heart is empty and broken and I am getting to the point of excepting the fact that there is just nothing for me in this life.

all the people who redicule me over my claims just think I have a cesspool of a life.
in which has always been that way :(

I am on my first ticket to the next life the spirit life and I can only achieve this through death in less then 12 years time from now.
just sign my death my death warrant and that means I have resigned from this life.
I want to resign my life hear on this planet for good I hate this life there is nothing for me in this life and I know that same as there has never been anything for me in this life I am going to quit my main job in another year or so and do my animation of my movie in which is my ticket out of this lifetime.

I never wanted this life before I cam into this life and seeing a guy say something that bad to me just breaks my heart into two and its alright for him because his life is better then mine entirely.

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and by the way I am done with this life now I am making this my first plan and objective...LEAVE THIS LIFE DIE AND DONT RETURN UNLESS YOU COME BACK FOR JUST ONE TIME!!!!!!!!!

my freind I have always been alone in this life,I never had the chance to live a life like everybody else. every other guy or girl that I know outside of me are married and have kids by now at school,maybe I just think that its never meant to be for me and now I just cant live that sort of life because of this death I need to take up to reach the spiritual dimension to show myself that I am no longer jonathan anymore I am now aitan. and I know that god does NOT intend for me to have a life like that. and that my freind breaks my heart into 4 peices, my feels empty and I do not care anymore about this life I would rather do this for humans.