Alone And Scared

Have you ever felt so alone even as you have a spouse and family and all that but just have so many things you are dealing with that you just don't want to tell any of them?

I am facing health issues now that I don't know how to deal with. I'm the sole source of income for my kid, husband and parents. I have a job but can't rely on it 100% because I barely make enough every month.
I hardly take care of myself or do anything for myself. And I have no close friend to talk to.

I'm in my bed at 3:30am right now crying because i feel so alone. My husband usually sleeps on the couch downstairs. Wish there was someone who'd just hold my hand and tell me everything was going to be alright.
silentwife2009 silentwife2009
3 Responses Jan 15, 2013

I am sorry to read that you are dealing with health problems. But I think you have to tell your family the way you feel and you need help. I am sure that there are some responsabilities that each one can asume even your kids. Don`t feel alone because you aren`t, you`ll see that God is with you. You have a friend here, even though there is a distance I can listen to you. Smile.

wow I am so sorry you feel that way and know exactly where your coming from .Life does go on and it is hard really hard and the tears never go away they just become less frequent .My advice is what I finally had to admit to myself .You need help of the medical kind .Talk to your doctor or go and see a shrink ,I did and slowly but surely with pills and alot of talking I am starting to cope .If you would like a friend or a shoulder to cry on I will help if I can .I have yahoo or skype as my shrink said to me a problem shared is a problem halved and lifts a bit of that weight that is pushing you down .
Please seek medical help dont get to the point I got to of attempted suicide its not a nice place to be.

I can't hold your hand and tell you that you're alright. Mainly coz I haven't yet mastered the art of phasing through a computer screen. But I can send some love your way...and hope...and pray(though I put my trust in no deity), that things work out for you...somehow...

And if you need anyone to talk to...well, I've got ears :)