Feeling Empty

i start my day around 530am preparing myself to work every morning i drop my niece to her school before going to work at around 130pm i will fetch her and bring her home for about a 30mins drive then going back again to my work till 7pm i keep myself busy and at the same time help my family as i can.after long day of work i ll go home to spend time to mom and dad to give them quality time talking some stories during dinner then give moms medicine evryday thats my routine then ill go to my room lying on my bed thingking and wishing that hope my life will change for an instance.every night i feel alone i feel empty i know im sad deep inside i know theres something i want.i want to be happy but i dont know how.im tired being alone and think of others happiness im not saying i dont want them to give help but im seeking happiness that everytime u wake up there someone who will tell you dont worry everything is gonna be alright.hope ill find someone who will make me feel im important and appreciated.happiness where will i find you?is there anyone here feel the same thing as mine feeling empty and sad at night.sorry if my story is boring i just want to shout out my feelings
shylady10 shylady10
31-35, F
1 Response Jan 15, 2013

What I've found to be the case is that you've got to be happy with you, you alone. For me boyfriends in the past have only complicated things. I was like you, just wanted somebody, and thought that being a part of couple is just how it's supposed to be. I was so dead wrong! Those relationships only caused pain and suffering, and delayed me knowing me. Can't be a true individual if you're part of a couple. So I say do what you do and fulfill yourself...then maybe you 'll met somebody that'll compliment your personality, but if not, who cares? You're better off.