I just don't know...

A few months ago, I was as happy as can be, My social life was blooming, I was doing things I e always wanted to do, I was learning new things, breaking old barriers i couldn't previously. But then, my crush and friend, threw my head first into the friendzone, and showed off her new boyfriend to me, I tried to get over her but each time I got close, she pulled me back in. I'm was an emotional wreck, all happiness in me all vanished. Now im possibly manic depressive, lost and emotionally numb, I just don't understand, I'm so alone, I feel pain and yet feel nothing, my friends don't care, my family harasses me about it and, my old crush tried to cheer me up but she just made it worse, I just don't know what to do, everyday I Put on a fake smile like I'm trying to produce happiness by faking it. I just don't know...I guess that what the joker said in batman was true, "all it takes is a little push"
WetheAngels4 WetheAngels4
18-21, M
Jan 26, 2013