I Am Sad.

I am sad for me. And I am sad for you, too.
I am sad that the earth is hurting, and so are her people.
I am sad that corporations and government are synonymous.
I am sad that millions of people have nothing to eat.
I am sad that trees are being cut down every second.
I am sad that whole populations are being displaced.
I am sad that children are getting blown up in the Middle East by the so-called “good guys.”
I am sad that people die of diseases they can’t afford the medicine to.
I am sad that wolves are being gunned down in Idaho.
I am sad that many people have no place warm to sleep on this cold night.
I am sad that she committed suicide because everyone told her she was worthless.
I am sad that our water is being poisoned right in front of us.
I am sad that so many of us are complicit.
I am sad that some person tried to kill himself after making thousands of phones like yours.
I am sad that people still think they are superior because of their skin color.
I am sad that people still believe that I am going to “hell” because I don’t believe in their “god.”
I am sad that families break up and don’t spend the holidays together.
I am sad that I am the one holding my family apart by a very thin thread.
I am sad that that single mom can’t pay her bills.
I am sad that this nice family is being foreclosed upon.
I am sad that people still commit hate crimes.
I am sad that we have moved forward one step, while taking two steps back.
I am sad. And I am tired.
And I am beginning to feel too helpless to change these things.
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8 Responses Jan 28, 2013

i love this

This is so true and beautiful, it made me cry. This is exactly how I feel and I wish there could be more people who have woken up like you.

you are sad, but you're not alone.

Never thought I'd read something like this... This is exactly what I feel about the world and what makes me sad. I've been trying so many times to stop feeling like this, but it always end up by coming to my mind sooner or later.

Hopelessness sucks. i feel you too..

I feel you, except for the trees.

That's very deep! thanks for sharing..

You are not the only one that feels that way