I Am So Sad I Cant Shake This Feeling Over My Ex I Cant Get Over Her

So I was with this girl for 5 years and we were in so much love I was even preparing to marry her but one night I caught her on my account on facebook deleting my female friends she assumed I was cheating but I wasnt I loved her so we got into a huge argument we broke up last July she now has a new BF I know its over but some night when I get off work I get so upset and listen to music because I cant get over my ex my heart is still aching it really sucks I loved her but now I know its over butI cant get over her can someone help me
MarkBorzonRKO MarkBorzonRKO
18-21, M
1 Response Feb 6, 2013

All I know is as heart wrenching it may feel now and as unbearable the pain may be be if you push through it you will find out later why that happened...maybe to make you more appreciative of someone who would not do that to you, or make you grow within yourself before you move on..who knows. Every journey is different, however the purpose is the same if we stay true to ourselves and just live for one more day...then soon we feel what living is like again..