Worst Day Ever...

Today at school I got bullied. Then when I'm walking home I get a call from my grandma telling me that my mother has been stabbed multiple times and well the doctors aren't sure if shell make it. I'm crying my eyes out as I'm here sitting next to her bad holding her hand. Why her? We might of had our ups and Downs but that's normal. She's leaving all of us slowly, and ill be left all alone. I need someone and well yeah I'm just devastated.

This world is to cruel and I only try my best. :(
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Be strong and don"t give up. I wish for you and your family to come out from this casualty.

hard times for u :(
god bless u and your family
hope is the only thing left :(

I am so sorry for what is happening in your life. I pray your mom gets through this. Be strong and do not give up. God bless you and your family.

I pray that she makes it. Please don't give up!

Don't follow your mother and die ok? Lot's of people are supporting you here!!! As long as you try your best and hope for the best, I'm sure your future will be the best. You might be employing your bullies when you are older ;)

I am so sorry this has happened. Hug your family members and be sad, and remember she is always watching you and loves you. You will see her again someday


Whatever happens, you've got us. You've got friends and still fam.

I can't imagine what your going throught right now. So sorry for your loss. Keep strong and make your mom proud by succeding in this world.

I'm sorry that's horrible.

Sorry to hear about your mum, we can only do our best as each day goes, I hope she pulls through.

She's gone now...

I'm sorry for your loss. I hope the tides turn for you.

I'm so sorry Estrella, if you need anyone to talk to I'm here

It's fine, I'm just done!!

I have seen my grandmother die in front of my eyes from a illness i get bullied for many things as well but i know how you fell if you need someone to talk to just tell me

*hugs you* I lost my mother to sister. I'm here for you

I'm just soo sad!

Ik! *hugs you close*

Why her!!!

Idk.... my mom died in a car crash.... i never got to say goodbye.... cherish the memories of her sister for they are precious gifts

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Oh Im so sorry!*hugs* oh i just don't... Im speechless... What cold-hearted person would do such a dasterdly thing?

I don't, I don't know! :(

Shhh. Its alright. Just know if she's a good person which i know she is you'll see her when its your time. Im sure shell be waiting for you.

But what if I wanna go now?

The lords not done with you yet. I've heard a saying. Meet god halfway. You've gotta do your part. He'll do the rest.

dont do that you have so much to live for

But I might as well be died with out her!! Fml literally!!

But time heals all wounds. She wouldn't want u to do this. You'll see pain but know what doesn't kill u makes you stronger. My grams in the hospital. I know what your going through.

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