I'M Sorry!

Well yesterday was very horrible. As the last story I wrote most of y'all know what happen. I tried to kill me self. :( I cut my arms up deeply and once I seen what I did I started to cry and I ran out the door into the woods behind my house. I was losing lots of blood & the doctors said if I would of stayed any longer I could of died. I felt death coming to me closer every minute I was alone in the dark. I was scared and I did some thing I totally regret now. Once I couldn't take it any longer i went home. My family took me to the hospital as soon as the could and as you can tell now I'm fine I just have horrible stitches in my arms. Well once I got back on I seen all my friends and family and I seen how worried they were about me. I started to cry. I felt horrible from how and what I put all them through. I shouldn't of thought of my self and thought about the ones around me first. I'm really sorry guy! I've learned my lesson and I'm never doing it again... Well this story is for all the guys that were concerned and cared for me through all of it. Thank you!
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glad to hear that you stopped hun, and that you have learnt.
dont be affraid to reach out and ask for help if you need it, the is no shame in it at all.
You deserve to be happy and live your life, you are still very young and I know how hard things can gets sometimes but there is always someone there who will help you through.
Im here if you want to chat.

stay strong. youre worth more than you think. there going to be somedays when you just feel down but you can always talk to someone. speak up and believe in yourself. xoxo.

Im SO SORRY ur hurting so much 2consider ending ur life! I can relate. I obviously dont kno u, but am relieved 2hear u recognized u have ppl n ur life that clearly love u, & care that u r still n this life. I wish the best 4u, & pray u can continue 2reach out 2those who really care. Much Godly love & blessings 2u!!

xEstrellax, I do not know you and have not read any story but this one. I want to encourage you to be strong. Life totally sucks sometimes, all of us have had a time in our life where we just wanted to kill ourselves. My personal thoughts are this, you can take it or leave it. I feel life is a journey in which you are buidling your soles strength and courage. Everything you do is a learning experience. Even the crappiest times are teaching us a lesson, even though they may totally suck. You are becoming more mature and stronger. Imagine how strong you will be as a 25 year old. No one will be able to scare you with bullcrap. You have seen worse and you have conquered it. I ask that you try your best to stay strong and survive. You have friends who love you and someday you will likely have children who will love you unconditionally. Take care youself, ((Hugs)) PS This was all just my opinion, I am not a doctor or priest or auto mechanic, just an average guy.

Dont say sorry but accept help trust me ive battled depression for nearly 30yrs since I was gang raped at 10 by three men I was bullied through school badly it wasnt till my 30s did I get help by then a lot of damage is irreversible dont leave it please you can chat anytime lol

You are beautiful an sounds to me like you have wonderful friends and family. Don't put them through the misery and always look on the brighter side of life no matter how it seems like everyone and everything turns their back on you. :)

I wish you all the happiness in the world.

Thank you! :)

ive cutted my arms badly too , i know how it feels and i regretted it too cuz i know now that suicide is not a solution *big hug*

perfectly said and all the best to you, congrats and stay strong

omg goodness im happy nothing bad happened ..ugh God was with you have purpose once you have life please don't ever do that again

Thats the sad part about being so upset and in a not-so-optimal condition. It really never goes away untill you're on that ledge between life and death, but cant return and all you can do is just wait and see what fate brings you. message me if u wanna talk :)

yeah you shouldnt. its kinda stupid to do really. sorry you just have to hear it straight. learn and dont repeat. learn to just let it go if things aint peachy. believe me, life is so full of more **** down the road...

so true

Glad that u r ok

*Smiles* It's great to see you're okay. May the Spirits bless you.

There's always another way don't give up your life has barely begun. When I was younger I was told that I wouldn't be a good swimmer by my doctor and that I would grow to be immature by my teachers I have proven both of them wrong so live well and prosper and be the best that you can be. :)

Glad your ok. I have never talked to you but saw your posts and was worried about you.

Glad your okay :)

I love you sis! Please don't ever again! I love you! ^_^

I love you too! * hugs you *

*hugs you tight* Neva again you hear me!

Okay I promise!

Good! ^_^

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Why did you want to kill yourself? No one is worth your tears and pain, I know how you feel, I also used to cut myself often because I felt so horrible. But I managed to snap out of it. I can give you some advice if you want, just reply

never again please

I promise never again!! :(

get well soon bro :/, were all here for ya

Thank you!

Its ok and I'm glad your ok Estrella

So am I. :/ I just you'll all to know I'm sorry.