I am still so sad about Robin Williams death. I just cant get over it. I know I never met him in person I still really loved him. I always was so happy to see him on a movie or on TV. I am not a crazy obsessed fan I never am with anyone. I just really admired him and really looked up to him. Whenever I would have a bad day and I would happen to see him it would make me happy. I just keep thinking about him like I just lost a close family member. I am just so sad he is gone. I could tell he was a good person. It is just to sad and I almost cant believe it. I have been feeling like I am starting to get over it but then someone posts something about him or I see something on TV about him or someone talks about him and all I can think about is how much I miss him. You guys may think I'm crazy but I really feel this way. I cried for a really long time when I found out he died. I am really sorry for his family. :( He was a truly amazing and unique person.
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Hey, you are such a kind and empathetic person, but you needn't feel so sad. Robin was diagnosed with Parkinson's; if he hadn't taken his own life he would have lived in complete mental and physical agony. Now, he can rest in peace.