Nooooo I go back to school on Monday! Woe is me, lol. Just when I was finally getting a hang of this strange "relaxing" thing too, lol. I suppose with my summer coming to an end, I should take this time to reflect on how my summer's gone and how I've grown. Instead of my usual "I am Single" post title, I thought it'd be more appropriate to go with this title. Any who, let's begin!

Well, I never got a job/internship/shadowing opportunity... I tried and I tried but I wasn't hired at any of the jobs I applied to, the 10-15 doctors I called and asked to shadow were all no's or "we'll see," which essentially means no, and I totally bombed my interview for the research team thing. That's rather pathetic, truly. This failure has added so much stress to my day-to-day life as my "Dean's List" standing was partially dependent on obtaining internships/shadowing opportunities... I suppose it is only a title, but still, I always like having nice titles. We'll just have to see how that one unfolds...

I did successfully take that summer English course that had me so afraid and anxiety stricken, and I even got an A in the class! And the professor loved my final essay so much, she is considering entering it in an undergrad literary contest! Whoo! Who knew I was good at writing? Lol those who read my posts probably did.

I got in a lot of camping and relaxing and video game time at least. Not a lot of friend time, sadly, but it is what it is.

Speaking of friends, I did get invited to my first party and trip to the beach ever. That was surely noteworthy and made me feel loved :) However, the sad thing about friends is that not a single one of them wished me a happy birthday yesterday :( Not even Kitty! I couldn't believe that. Sure, I didn't tell all of them my exact birthdate, but I know for a fact I told about 3-5 of them (including Kitty, Nya and FCB) the actual date, and not a one of them wished me a happy birthday... That fact alone is why I chose the "I Am Sad" title for this post... So, okay, FCB is NOT my friend (as I'm sure you all could ascertain), but still he proved to me back in the fall that he remembered the date.

About that, lol well, his birthday was four days before mine and I made sure I wished him a happy birthday despite my ill will for him. I thought it was the most civilized way to try to ease our hostilities toward each other in hopes of moving on and being able to have a level headed discussion with each other someday. Judge me for that if you will, but it's what I deemed the right move to make.

Also, I think I should just give up on Nya. He doesn't act the slightest bit interested and I have no desire any more to chase him. Sadly, though, this leaves me with an even greater urge to chase someone... Sadly, that someone is you-know-who... I'm doing my best to fight it, trust me! Nya was cute and cuddly and sweet, but it's not worth it to chase what you can't have.

Well, I think that's about it. I look forward to the fall semester, but I dread how much responsibility I'll have. I do well with such pressures put on me, but thinking about all of them while in trying-to-relax summer mode is stressing me out. I'll survive this year much like I did the last; only, perhaps, without all the FCB drama...

Thank you for sticking with me this long and I really appreciate all my readers, even if you only read one or two of my stories. Thank you all and I hope life treats you well!
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Aug 21, 2014