I recently joined Facebook and it is the coolist thing. I know that it can become addictive so I limit my use. I have a lot of family spread out throughout the US and I am slowely getting in touch with many of them. I get to chat with my nieces in Canada, my sons in Miami, my mom, my siblings. The list is growing every day. It has helped me to feel not quite so lonely. Sometimes there are people that request to become friends and I have to say know. I feel bad but I think it's better.  I know it's not physical contact, but I do feel better.

I spoke with a very dear friend from high school a few nights ago. I have thought about her for years. She was such a sweet nice person. Someone that always makes me smile when I think about her. I felt bad when I spoke to her because she told me that she had been laid off 11 months ago and could not find work. She was with a big corp for a long time. She has an MBA. She left her home and is living with another jobless friend so they can afford to pay bills. There are so many people out of work now. It is so upsetting. It makes me thankful that I am working and able to support myself. I wish I could help her and others that are like her. Sometimes when I'm feeling sad, I think about how bad it is for others. It doesn't make me happy, it just puts my problems in perspective. 

Sorry, I got a little side tracked. I just wanted to say, that if Facebook is used the right way, it can be very helpful for just keeping in touch with loved ones, or even old friends. I hope you are all happy this weekend.     

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Glad to see that you are feeling a little better. I know it is nice to be with family if only on facebook or myspace. I also keep track of family this way! Take care of yourself!

Don't be sad!! I have learned that when I feel sad, for example, all i need to do is write a gratitude list and it's amazing what I find. If you do this--you will find so much to be thankful for and suddenly Joy will replace any sadness!

Facebook rocks and so does EP. I like facebook because I have found friends from like 20 lifetimes ago and it's so awesome to be in touch again.<br />
However I love EP just as much, I think more cause here on EP we meet people and connect, like we are now. We may never meet face to face but I believe it is a gift from God. Here on EP we can share with people we would not otherwise have met and we can all help each other through our experience, strength and HOPE.<br />
<br />
HOPE IS ALIVE AND WELL ON EP. Thank the LORD! Have a great day my friend and be blessed!

It's amazing how we can re-connect with loved ones in a way we couldn't before.<br />
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I am able to know exactly what my uncle (or my aunt, my nephew, my niece, etc) is doing at the moment and chat with him about it, even if we live in different cities and normally talk to each other once a month.<br />
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I don't add people I don't really know either. It's about keeping in touch with loved ones, old friends and I feel weird about having people I don't really know on my list of friends and then never have any interactions with later on!