A Bad Day...

Today was a bad day...fought with husband today...loudly...much anger from both of us.  I am so tired of living like this...wanting, needing more, yet not getting it...

It's not all physical wants or needs either...he doesn't listen when I talk...doesn't care when I'm hurt...doesn't realize how unhappy I am.

I left today for almost 4 hours...to cool off. I didn't want to do or say something I would be sorry for later...I didn't want to hear something he would be sorry for saying later.  Not one phone call was made to see where I was...to see if I was ok...to say "come home".

When I did come home, husband had a blanket and his pillow and he was asleep on the couch...didn't even wake up when I got home...doesn't even know I am here...

I am so sad...I feel so alone right now...  It's times like this that I wish I had more "real life" friends... I do have my EP friends that I can chat with back and forth, which is very nice...but, I don't like to rely too much on them because they are all going thru their own issues as well...

I am so tired...so very, very tired...

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Wow sorry to hear that. I find that so crazy that your man did not call you after 30 min of you being gone, because i would of called you and said baby i am sorry come home.....we all need that space once in a while, but sometimes the space can cause more damage than good..... I say we as men are (wait sorry)me as a man, i am stupid.... I was not so there at one point with my relationship and it has turned against me now,and i wish i never negleted my girl, how your man is doing to you. But we tend to relax if you will, when we know someone will love us for life,or as how we think it life will happen. I know its not easy but talk to him ask him why he didn't care you were gone for so long. I was the same way with my girl but i did care but acted like i didn't. I cared,and still do more for her than anything in this world....And dont be tired relationships should not get you tired. Its life and your alive living it...not easy i know that but your alive feeling something...Everything we are going thru in life is making us stronger some way some how......So tell him, wake him up where ever he is, and tell him the love you have for him and the wants you want, A true man will change...Hope you enjoy thoughts.... (MACHO)

I AM GOING THROUGH THE SAME EXACT THING WITH MY BOYFRIEND!!!! When I get mad im the one who sleeps on the couch, im the one who leave the house for hours on end between 1am to 5am and I come home to find out hes either be on the comp half the time or hes been asleep. He doesnt care about anything I talk about to the point where when I talk all he says is "yeah..uh huh...okay I get it" or doesnt say anything at all. I might as well be talking to a wall. I dont have any "real life" friends, I have friends on here and facebook. I can't stand woman and woman cant stand me being around their men.<br />
Im sorry that you have to go through it and if you need someone to talk to im here for you.

I'm so sorry for you. Maybe your husband is just got so much "stuff" he is dealing with that he CAN'T listen you. That doesn't make it OK but you shouldn't blame yourself if he doesn't see or hear you. It isn't you...it is his problem but You still have your needs.<br />
<br />
I can't be a marriage counselor! I can just sympathize with you...and feel sorry for him too that he can't give something that seems so easy to me now.

I am so sorry you are going through this time.