I Don't Wanna Be In Thus Group,

i've worked WAY too hard to NOT live my life in sadness.  and i've been pretty darn happy a lot of the time.  So when i AM sad...i guess i don't really like to show it...i don't want people to think i'm always that way....

but, today, i am sad.  I feel so worn down by my boyfriend & his problems...i can handle his behaviour for a while, but at times (like now) it becomes so consant I can't bounce back & i end up where i AM at the moment.  Just really sad, and *hates to admit it*  well...lonely now.  after having him be so mean to me, i think i just want someone to come hold me & be nice.  sad but true. 

           Oh I made my 'support calls' - got some moral support, talked it out, am a bit better...but still just as lonely.  Good thing i don't have guy friends or i'd have to avoid them so as not to collapse in their arms -- i don't wanna be immoral or do the wrong thing.  I don't wanna have to live with that.  EVen though i'm only with my so-called boyfriend becuase i don't yet have the $$ to leave.  Going to school, workin on sellin ,my art & designs...takes time.


what do u call a boyfriend/girlfriend who's not REALLY that - only cuz of temporary circumstance toward the end of a relationship (or in his case..a bully-ship lol - he tries anyway) ??  oh i think it's called a pain in the butt!!!

*sigh*  i don't wanna be sad.  i'm trying to be STRONG!  but right now, i wish i had someone to lean on.  : (   oh well, i'll be good,  this feeling will pass


aren't u bummed out now that u read this story???  h ahaa


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lol - ur too good to me ;P

*remembers what good friends she has*<br />
<br />
thx u guys...i will cheer up faster cuz of U!!

I agree with Hobo. You need a giant grizzly hug. <br />
I'm sorry love

yeah I am a bit. Wish I could be there for you to give you a big bear hug. .. think you need it, know you deserve it. :/