Is This It?

I am sitting here in front of my tv watching will and grace, thinking is this really it? What has become of me? I have no one to call no one to talk to right now. I mean doesn't everyone have like that super close set of girlfriends that are always there always up for anything? I am afraid I will never have that. I am afraid that no one wants me in there life. Sometimes I feel like I am not good/smart/pretty/skinny/interesting enough for someone. I start school again and that fear is slowly making it's way back to the surface . Is there somethig wrong with me? Am I that boring or annoying etc.. The worse part is I don't know what it is I am doing that makes me such a horrible person..
Vervepipe726 Vervepipe726
22-25, F
3 Responses Aug 11, 2009

Everyone of you are so young and have your whole lives ahead of you.Yes,many of us get a job,get married and have kids but there's more to it than that.As time goes by you will see that life has so much to offer,just give it time.<br />
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As someone once told me...Life Is What You Make It.<br />
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Do something nice for yourself once in a while and go have some fun.<br />
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Accept yourself for who you are and then so will others.If they don't then they aren't worth having around anyway.

Life can seem that way sometimes. The number of times I've looked in the mirror and gone "...What the hell are you?" Life just seems to be a basic plan: Go to school, get a job, get married, have kids, grow old. But to me that sounds way too boring! I wanna get out and see the world :)<br />
Cheer up my dear, I hope it'll get better soon- I'm sure you will make wonderful friends and do amazing things in your life at some point!

dont feel sad..i know how you feel because i feel the same way...i can be your friend if you need can message me any time..once you know me you can even call. every thing will be ok..time heals every thing you just have to wait