Sadness Is a Patina Over My Life

I am sad because I know that over half my life is gone and there is very little that can be said to have been of value within it. I've never learned how to make friends or sustain relationships. But my heart has crackled with sadness over the years of pain and loss and there is more just ahead of me as my sister battles her advanced cancer, my mother battles her cancer and I battle mine.
axamermaid axamermaid
51-55, F
1 Response Nov 17, 2007

Welcome to the internet, there are so many chances to meet people and discuss your life and feelings and quite possibly find lasting relationships of varying kinds. If you could ask people that you have interacted with throughout your life, if you could sit down and write the story of your life down in detail then you would find value, you would find that you have impacted people in ways you could not have known about and changed the paths of some if not many. Cancer is a new chapter in your book. Make it a passionate one filled with all the joy you can muster and all the heart you have to give, share that with your sister and your mother and this could be the best chapter of your life.