Why Adopt If You Are Going To Mistreat The Child?

I was going through my usual routine this morning, reading the headlines online on popular news sites, when I came across the heart breaking true story of Hana WIlliams, the 13 year old girl who was adopted from Ethiopia.

Her parents, Larry and Carri Williams starved her for days at a time and made her sleep in a closet, and also isolated her from the rest of their biological children.

Carri Williams called 911 on May 12th and reported that she was not breathing. She had died of hypothermia. The autopsy found malnutrition and a stomach infection were contributing factors.
In July, seven remaining children were removed from the Williams home and placed in foster care.

What gets in to the human mind to mistreat another person, a child. Why even adopt if you are not going to love and treat the person with care. They have been through enough struggle in their young lives needing to be adopted in the first place.
What makes human beings hate, and want to abuse, starve and kill someone else?

This among many other horror stories about children truly breaks my heart.

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Thanks everyone, I appreciate the input. I figured out how the system works by doing some research and realized some pigs adopt children for ulterior motives, not because of the goodness of their hearts in wanting a child to love and care for. It is indeed to receive a tax break or an extra check in the mail that they use for selfish reasons.<br />
Some couples who are unable to have children would gladly adopt but are having a hard time, but they are given to horrible people who mistreat them.<br />
The world is indeed a sad place at times.

Since I am in psychology I have been exposed to many interesting and sad stories -- I found this one today and decided to research a bit more on it. I am sharing with you the link: http://highschoolbioethics.georgetown.edu/units/cases/unit3_4.html <br />
<br />
It is a about a child called Genie who as an infant ( the critical learning stage) was isolated from the rest of the family and when I mean isolated, the child was NEVER spoken too, she was not tuaght how to use the restroom, she was given baby food all her life and was abused and treated like a DOG.. Unfortunately, she did not develop cognitively, and her motor skills were limited. <br />
<br />
I do not know why people abuse others -- maybe they were deprived of some type of exposure which ensures empathy and love for others. Who knows .. but either way stories like these break my heart and like you -- I too do not understand why someone would adopt a child and then abuse them. :/

I have a guess, predicted by reaction formation theory: someone trying to prove to themselves that they aren't a *********.

PureOne3....NO, it is not ok to kill for oil, land, greed, etc. It happens, but it is not OK!<br />
<br />
I supose this family adopted her so they could have an additional tax exemption? <br />
Poor kid!

Please, try to comprehend that love & hate are two faces of the same Force (faces of a 'coin'). And it's ok for mother's sons to kill others for religion, oil, land, position, greed & such, and call them "protectors" of their countries, right? Ridiculous hypocrisy -- blind Ignorance! Here's the Archetype Forces (Trinity) behind all this: "CREATOR/ESS - PRESERVER - DESTROYER. Three Values/Aspects of The Creative Force. Ever observe Nature In Action? Don't judge what You can't comprehend. Karma operates Through Lifetimes, & doesn't explain ItSelf to Ignorant humans. Eat Meat? You're Demanding the Life (supply & Demand) of YOUR evolutional Younger sisters & brothers! FACT! (I Am a 2-decades vegetarian: consuming No living animal life of Any kind). Now, look in the Mirror.

OMG this is horrible. I feel so bad for the children that are mistreated by foster, biological, and adoptive parents. We look to those people to treat us the best of anyone and to break that trust is horrid.