Ignorance: The Ultimate Virus

Just as the truth sets one free, lack of truth binds one.

There is the saying, “ignorance is bliss.” I find that very statement ignorant. Perhaps because the mind had grown accustomed to deception or unacquainted wisdom that the initially ignorant individual found a fragment of truth to be painful or unacceptable. Instantly rejecting the light, simply because one had lived in darkness, is a tragic occurrence. If one partakes in the journey towards the full truth of a matter, not just partial (for partial truth can be quite dangerous), then, I believe, that peace and liberation will eventually ensue. In such seeking, discomfort may very well be present, but it will always be transcended with well-founded understanding, faith, and patience.
The illusion of comfort that comes with ignorance is an ill-conceived band-aid. It is temporal relief with side-effects far worse than the initial discomfort of the path towards truth. It is a weapon of self-destruction and mass-destruction, which are interconnected.

Reality is not a world where we must witness and bear endless suffering and sadness; rather, understanding of reality, that which is real, is acquiring beautiful and necessary truth... our attitudes and perspective (one that is not exclusively near-sighted) play a vital part in understanding and discerning. Truth is not simply perceiving effects and allowing oneself to become completely defeated because of it; truth is the cause, the root, the purpose...

All that being said, I am saddened by ignorance. I am moved because I have, at very least, some comprehension of the damage it does to the individual and all those they influence; moreover, the damage is, at the time, consciously unnoticed. I do not wish to despise and condemn those who are ignorant. There is no trace of wisdom or love in doing so. What's more, is that I, myself, and all humanity, has been ignorant about many a thing, at one point or another. And humanity continues to be ignorant in many areas, yet has the potential to be more and more wise each and every rising of the sun.

Take heart, my friends: all of us have the ability to find, accept, and receive truth. Seek and you shall find!

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1 Response May 23, 2012

I used to have a bumper sticker that said: Vote Republican... it's easier than thinking.

Reminds me of another bumper sticker, "Thinking: It's Not Illegal"

I have a feeling that at least one third of the population thinks it is.