You're Not A What?

My husband worked in EMS for years and he used to come home with all kinds of stories. Some were funny, some were shocking, and some just made you shake you head and wonder how people get so far in their lives being a certain way. Anyway, he had gone on an emergency call to pick up an elderly man who had diabetes and had taken too much insulin. He had been given a glucose shot and was coming out of his stupor and was making it clear he did not want to be transported to the hospital. His wife was there at the house and it was decided she would sign for him and so my husband told her "You sign here, where it says 'spouse.'" She said, "Under where??" "Spouse." She pokes her finger at my husband and says, "Well, I can't sign that, I ain't no damn indian!! Get me a white people paper, one that says 'WIFE!'" My husband says "No, not 'squaw!' You ARE his spouse because you are married to him. You CAN sign this sheet!" Married over 35 years and never knew she was his spouse. Sad!

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**deep sigh** And she finally signed the " sh*t ". he he

Yep. Still wasn't convinced she was the spouse but there was no other form 'for white people' so she signed it.