Ignorance Is Bliss

My mom's the living proof. She's visited more than 120 countries in her life, and never noticed any suffering in the world. She loves the Taj Mahal, which is just a ******* mausoleum and does no one any good, except maybe the tourist guides, but it makes such a fine backdrop for her vaccation pics. She's impressed by Singapore, because there are no cigarette butts rolling around in the gutter, and the Blue Train in South Africa, because the blacks still treat whites like they used to 100 years ago. The stupid ***** really thinks I'm impressed by seeing her in one of the suites of the Burj Al Arab in Dubai. All she saw when visiting India and China, was the dirt in the streets, and how beautiful and well kept this Indian palace hotel was, which still belongs to this poor, poor man who had to give up so much land around it. In all fairness, the peasants who the land belongs to now, really gave him a bum deal when they refused to work as his chattel not too long ago, didn't they? Yes, she'll die a very happy, careless and ignorant *****.
bubo185 bubo185
46-50, M
Dec 9, 2012