A Werewolf Dude Seek Help

Really I am a werewolf really? and then there are so many that are just about people whining over nothing just shut up until you have some real problems okay? and what about those promoting what they believe in but do nothing about it that grinds my gears real good! and lastly the pervy ones I actually came across one once that was titled I watch my stepdaughter undress seriously wtf!!!
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THANK YOU. Some of these people are so ridiculous...

You're welcome

oh yes i think pervs are gross

Everyone does unless they are pervs

very true

i didn't really know what to say here, but i agree. i think a lot of stories are bored people trying to get a reaction. which is annoying for anyone sincere.

You tell em! People don't need to be disrespectful if they are in a different "place" or if they are not interested in what one has to say or write.

Grayday, EP is a forum for posting experiences, no? I think it inevitable that we'll each come upon a sub-community here or a post we strongly dislike. Maybe some people "whine" because they're in enough pain (for them) and have no other satisfying outlet than public journaling, where they feel maybe some people who do share their worldview might open up in turn. I'd certainly rather people unburden here than suffer alone, or do something desperate and dangerous. Congratulations to you, by the way, for having survived a challenging childhood and having grown into an emotionally strong man.

was just venting

Meant no offense, Captain. Carry on. :)

It's fine no worries

LOL! I totally agree!

yes chick flicks can really have horrible outcomes I hate Twilight

Hey, you snuck that in there!! =) I wasn't the biggest fan of twilight myself...that we CAN agree on!!

wasn't the biggest fan still means you're a fan oh vey

Okay damnit...maybe I liked it a little bit....but just a little....and only the part when the werewolves got naked!! Woot!! LOL ;)

I generally just say I'm a werewolf for Halloween and no one questions me on it

Hahaha, gotta be like those werewolves in twilight...prove your wolfness! lol

No it's just out of convenience it's my nature given costume

So which is it? the hairy body or the muscles with no hair....cause the movie had both! lol

I'm gonna go with the hair lost all of it during chemo now it grows back like wild fire A Wooo Ah Ah A Wooo

Grrooowwwlllllll!! ; )

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